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Get unified access to your data with Data Integration

To get real value from your business data, you need it to make sure that it’s available to those who need it in a trustworthy, consistent format. But with the non-stop proliferation of data sources, data is often spread across disparate systems and formats - making sure it’s accessible isn’t always simple. Amplifi's practical approach to data integration enables access to your key data, wherever it’s needed in your business.

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Why consider Data Integration services?

To become a data-driven organisation, you need your data to be readily accessible, reliable and well governed. If your data is tangled in various systems, formats and applications, it will slow down any data project or data engineering initiative and impact the end result. That's where Data Integration services come in, quickly connecting disparate structured and unstructured sources and building data models that suit the needs of the data consumers within your business.

Why are Data Integration services key to modern data approaches?

Data integration is a key enabler of modern data management approaches such as Data Fabric and Data Mesh. Data integration services such as Data Virtualization are core to building an end-to-end integration of various data pipelines to empower organisations to make more data-led decisions in a more unified, cohesive manner. When implemented correctly, data integration also enables organisations to implement governance and security protocols across different data domains from a single point of control.

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Why choose Amplifi as your Data Integration consultancy?


Data Integration Strategy

We can help you choose the right approach, technology and operating models to enable your modern data strategy. Our expert consultants can help you determine the right data integration strategy for your business - such as ETL or Data Virtualization - and set you on the right path to delivering results.


Data Integration Implementation

Amplifi’s consultancy and delivery services help you design, build and implement Data Integration and embed it into a governed operating model.


Data Integration Support

As the centre of all decision making - data needs to be resilient, robust and failure tolerant. Amplifi’s integration support services proactively monitor your integrations for performance and potential issues, suggesting improvements and enhancements along the way.

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