Ensuring your data is where you need it, when you need it

Data Integration

To get real value from your business data, you need it to make sure that it’s always in the right place, at the right time.

But with data so often spread across disparate systems and formats, making sure it’s accessible isn’t always simple.

At Amplifi, our practical approach to data integration helps you to distribute good quality data to wherever it’s needed in your business, for better data outcomes across the board.

What is integration?

Integration brings data from various sources and formats together, making it easier to access, analyse and use. It’s vital to getting a centralised or interconnected source of data, especially if you are managing a multi-channel strategy.

In short, data integration is an enabler, allowing your business to explore digital transformations, from MDM and PIM to microservices, AI, Business Intelligence, and Automation.

Who needs integration?

To become a data-driven organisation, you need your data to be accessible, reliable and up to date. A central, streamlined data source is fundamental to any digital initiative, whatever the end goal for your business.

If your data is tangled in various systems, formats and applications, it will slow down any data project – and impact the end result.

You may need integration services if:

  • You’re spending valuable time copying data across systems
  • You have multiple vendors involved in a data project and need to simplify it
  • Data distribution demands of a multi-channel strategy are a challenge
  • It’s taking too long to move data between systems
  • You’re facing high costs – and a long time to achieve ROI
  • You’ve invested in data quality – but you’re not reaping the rewards
  • You’re keen to build an integration strategy – but don’t know where to start
  • The process of exposing data to new applications, channels or markets is limiting your agility
  • Years of integrations have built up and become too complex to unpick – resulting in ‘integration spaghetti’
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What are the benefits of an integration strategy?

With effective integration, you can deliver seamless multi-channel experiences, improve decision making, explore data-driven projects, and introduce microservices like big data streams, hybrid integration platforms and API strategies.

Integration services allow you to be more flexible with your data, giving you a deeper understanding of your data and how it connects to your business.

How can Amplifi’s integration solutions help you?

Amplifi understand that a successful integration strategy isn’t just about the choice of integration technology – it’s about how you use it. Our pragmatic approach focuses on:

  • Understanding and describing your business data: what you need and where you need it
  • Choosing the right approach and style for your business, not jumping on the latest technology trend
  • Ensuring your integration platform is robust and resilient enough for your needs
  • Underpinning integration with data quality and governance
  • Delivering a framework to manage and govern your integration, so that it can grow and evolve with your business

Our integration services


We can help you choose the right approach, technology and operating models to enable your digital strategy.

Amplifi’s advisory services can help you determine the right integration strategy for your business and set you on the right path to delivering results.

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Consultancy & Delivery

Already have an integration strategy in place, or in the process of procuring one?

Amplifi’s consultancy and delivery services help you design, build and implement new integrations and embed them into a governed operating model, allowing your integrations to evolve as your business does.


Amplifi understand that Integration isn’t just about connecting the dots.

It needs to be resilient, robust and failure tolerant. Amplifi’s integration support services proactively monitor your integrations for performance and potential issues, suggesting improvements and enhancements along the way.

Find out more about our integration solutions now – contact a member of our expert team for further information.

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