Master Data Management in Healthcare

Healthcare Master Data Management Solutions

Patient data is often susceptible to being inaccurate, incomplete and out of date which can disrupt the provision of healthcare services. In such a vital sector, it is crucial to have a complete view of patient health information so that professionals in charge of their care can offer the most appropriate treatments, eliminating operational inefficiencies and reduce costs.

Utilising data effectively extends beyond patient data in the healthcare sector; many data-dependant sources which rely on accurate and efficient data management, like clinical trials, administrative claim records and medical imaging.

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The Importance of MDM in the Healthcare Sector

Healthcare clients often come to us with decades of complex data which is incomplete or redundant that they can’t leverage and analyse effectively. Without a master data management solution, they risk wasting resources due to lack of oversight of all data across different source systems and departments.

Healthcare data is notoriously complex. The number of data variables in a healthcare data set make developing standard processes challenging and costly. Turning disparate system data into goals that can used for the benefit of others requires a sophisticated set of tools. That’s where our solutions come into play.

Our Healthcare MDM Solutions

Amplifi believes in high-impact solutions which can be implemented quickly in your business to minimise disruption.

We believe that sustainable solutions are the only way to tackle unruly data in your organisation effectively. Our methodology is focused on long-term shared ownership and productivity rather than getting through the stages of a project lifecycle. That’s why we provide client and staff training so that your organisation can become autonomous when using our software.

Our Master Data Management solutions in the healthcare sector ensure historically problematic data issues, such as matching errors and duplicate record rates are addressed and eliminated. We transform your data process to optimise the efficiency and effectiveness of your patient and internal services.

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We will help you to:

  • Link patient records and eliminate duplicate or redundant patient data
  • Eliminate inaccuracies across systems
  • Validate patient identities for improved service
  • Improve electronic health record systems and facilitate ease of migration
  • Optimise Health Analytics
  • Reduce operational inefficiencies and wastage