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In today’s competitive omnichannel retail environment, customers expect businesses to know what they want before they ask. Thanks to Master Data Management tools, retailers can now demonstrate that they know the needs of their consumers wherever they are in the buying cycle.


Retail data is typically still managed across multiple spreadsheets by multiple individuals, who may have their own category and product definitions, as well as their own consumer sector responsibilities. As a result, businesses often find the sheer scale of retail data for products and consumers overwhelming to the point where data begins to consume overall business strategy.

This disparate approach results in poor data synchronisation, duplicate content and confused messaging that’s costly and timely to put right. Ultimately, poor retail data management can work against your business objectives.

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Retail Master Data Management Benefits

Omnichannel consumer experiences are now commonplace in the retail industry. By nature, omnichannel marketing is heavily reliant upon the effectiveness of cross-channel data consistency and insights, making our retail Master Data Management solutions go hand-in-hand.

An effective and well-implemented retail MDM solution can mean the difference between great and poor productivity, customer satisfaction or disloyalty, and sustainable results or confused short-term strategy.

A business that invests in MDM solutions is able to have a single view of what it’s doing right, what is going wrong, why something isn’t performing well and how they can improve output across channels.

In summary, your relationship with your digital retail data should play a pivotal role in your business ambitions in a competitive marketplace.

Why MDM and Product Information Management is integral for retail data

Maintaining high-quality Product Information is challenging for many retailers. Publishing technical and marketing information whilst managing products with complex hierarchies is just one battle that businesses must contend with.

Maintaining high-quality GDPR-compliant consumer data is equally challenging and equally critical to success.

As a retail business, products are your source of revenue and brand exposure. Master Data Management and Product Information Management (PIM) align seamlessly by merging and centralising product information into a single source for publishing to disparate channels and by providing accurate consumer data at which to target campaigns and promotions..

As retail strategy consultants for your data management, Amplifi prides itself on being a leading PIM & MDM consultancy in the Retail sector. We’ll implement straightforward retail data solutions to standardise consumer data, product data and digital assets across your organisation, with localised data catering to different markets, campaigns, regions and languages. You’ll have full visibility of product information across the supply chain, with a centralised, cleansed data flow that will become one of your biggest business assets.

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Our Retail MDM Service

Amplifi's Retail MDM service streamlines and optimises your data flows so you can turn insights into tangible actions. By consolidating consumer data, product information and eliminating poor quality, inaccurate and duplicate retail data, you can:

  • Establish optimal inventory management
  • Accurately target consumer sub-segments
  • Improve consumer loyalty and satisfaction
  • Increase revenues from up-sale and cross-sale opportunities
  • Reduce product returns
  • Manage supplier data with more accuracy
  • Integrate physical and online sales channels
  • Improve your Product Information Management capabilities

Want to know more about how our digital retail MDM service can help your business? Get in touch with a member of our expert team today at Amplifi.