Our work with Musgraves

Musgrave is Ireland’s leading food retail and wholesale company. Operating 11 food brands, in three markets, including market leaders SuperValu, Centra and Daybreak and Musgrave MarketPlace Ireland’s leading wholesale supplier to retail, foodservice and SMEs. As a business they feed 1 in 3 people in Ireland.


Knowing that they had plans to rapidly increase their number of products, and distribution channels, a conclusion was drawn that they would soon be in the market for PIM technology.

After thorough research, they approached Amplifi as being leaders in this space, with solid relationships across the PIM supplier landscape, and a deep understanding the industry.

Amplifi were brought in to collate Musgrave’s requirements, prepare them for the imminent tendering process and provide expert advice throughout.


Amplifi held a series of workshops spanning a number of weeks, with senior executives across different areas of the business, to really get to the root of their requirements. We needed to know what they wanted from this program, and what they were hoping to get out of new technology – what processes and outcomes did they think this investment was going to support?

Stepping through Amplifi’s methodology for the creation of “Request For Proposal for PIM/MDM systems”, Amplifi worked with Musgrave to write a bespoke request, outlining their specific requirements, and what they needed to be demonstrated from each supplier.

After a thorough review process this detailed document was then sent out to a shortlist of vendors.

Amplifi subsequently supported the analysis of the responses, both written and through presentations, providing expert market and delivery advice throughout the process.


  • All vendors replied to the RFP as they would normally, but with guidance to pay attention to Musgrave’s requirements. They had to respond with detailed specifics and produce a demo, for which they had been provided a script, targeted at the client’s needs. This allowed Musgrave to compare the functionality that they need in their solution, as oppose to seeing the best of each product and having to work out how this applies to their situation.
  • Our expertise helped them determine who fulfilled the requirements to the greatest degree, overall helping them make the decision as to who would be most suited to their needs.