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How well do you know your products?

A good product can define a brand, but to what extent are brands able to define their products? Are they able to say where their product was made? Or what it’s made of? And who’s making it?

Without the answer to these questions, brands are at a disadvantage. Through Amplifi's partnership with inriver, we can offer you a Product Information Management strategy that answers these questions.

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Why do you need to know your products?

Understanding product data, particularly regarding a product’s origin, is vital for retailers and manufacturers today. Businesses that can effectively track and evidence their products can reduce costs, improve consistency and deliver a better customer experience. A PIM strategy can be the solution that offers you a single version of the truth, informing your business and your customers. But why exactly does product data matter?

Rules of Origin

The importance of knowing your product’s journey

Understanding rules of origin, and knowing all product data is essential to brands avoiding empty shelves and lost revenue. Brexit regulatory changes and Covid-19 have made it more important than ever for brands to know where their products have come from, and crucially being able to track and evidence that information.

A clear view of a product’s data within a PIM system such as inriver will allow brands to ensure they won’t be stuck waiting for an imported product, paying higher priced tariffs and will allow brands an overview to make financially-sound decisions.

Shipping Containers


Why a transparent supply chain is critical

Unclear supply chains are pushing sustainability-conscious consumers away from brands, as without knowing every detail about their product, brands are unable to ensure all operations included in a product's creation and distribution are built on sustainable practices and ethical labour.

With a PIM strategy that gives you a unified source of product data, you can take a step back and examine your supply chain, identifying areas that might not meet consumers’ high demand for sustainability.

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How well do you know your products?

In this guide, created in partnership with inriver, we look at the specific product data challenges brands face when it comes to Rules of Origin and Sustainability. Also, Johan Boström, Chief Product Officer of inriver, discusses the reasons businesses benefit from better product management.

How Amplifi can help...

PIM solutions offer a central source of truth for the information stored on products. When it comes to the supply chain, having a place to manage compliance attributes, such as rules of origin, makes it easier than ever for companies to make sure they have all the information they need to mitigate the risk of hold-ups in distribution.

On the other hand, the more consumers make purchase decisions based on sustainability, the more transparent brands should be about their efforts and practices. PIM enables companies to collect, manage and consistently communicate their sustainability, ethical and ecological efforts associated with a product, boosting a customer’s confidence.

Amplifi works with leading PIM vendors such as inriver to develop strategies that will give you a comprehensive overview of your supply chain, allowing you to track goods across your entire operation, ensure the materials and labour you use are ethically sourced.

With a strong PIM strategy, you’ll see a whole range of benefits to your supply chain, including:

A single unified source of data to help you maximise supply chain transparency
A more pleasant customer and business experience
Better commercial business outcomes
Reduced costs and improved margins
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"A good PIM solution delivers results on both sides of the buying aisle..."

Johan Bostrom

Johan Boström

Chief Product Officer, inriver

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