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Ready to hit start on your MDM adventure?

It’s better in two player mode. Amplifi are here to be your Player 2, helping you to tackle the building blocks of MDM and choose the right MDM technology for your business’ goals.

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Which leading brands trust Amplifi as their Player 2?

MDM is not a ‘plug and play’ solution.

It’s a process.

To get to your end goal of an MDM solution that delivers tangible value, there are a number of levels you need to complete to get your business, and your data, where they need to be. Amplifi are a leading data consultancy who have the experience and expertise to be your Player 2 throughout your MDM journey to reach the final boss battle...

Download MDM Selection Guide
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Level 1: Get your data ready

Struggling to get your data ready for your MDM battle? Amplifi will guide you through the process, creating a roadmap that includes data quality and data governance to get your data, and your business, ready for MDM.

Level 2: Get buy in from the business

For MDM to add true value to a business, everyone needs to be on board with the "why". This isn't just an IT challenge, it needs support and involvement from all across your company, from budget approval right though to every day data management.

Level 3: Start small and level up

Don't go straight for the big boss. Before you start selecting technology, make sure you've identified an initial problem to solve. Start with a problem that can easily prove value and ROI quickly and that will help get everyone on board.

Level 4: Pick your Player 2

A recent Gartner study stated that almost 90% of master data management (MDM) programs rely upon the services of third parties. Pick your Player 2 carefully; make sure your team and your chosen partner work well together.

Level 5: Create your RFP

To get the MDM solution that’s right for you, you need a comprehensive RFP that makes your goals, requirements and current data landscape crystal clear to potential vendors – and collates the information you will later need to present to stakeholders.

Completing your RFP or RFI in two player mode is more effective. Amplifi will:

Shortlist the most appropriate vendors for your needs and budget
Make sure you don’t miss an item from your document
Help you to ask the right questions
Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the vendor responses
Get everything you need to present a compelling case to stakeholders
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If you need help creating your RFP, download our guide...

The key to a successful RFP is ensuring you are well prepared! In this guide you'll find some top tips for preparing each stage of an RFP, from our Consulting Director, Dan Fisher.

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Understanding the building blocks of MDM

Download our guide today

Want to understand more about all of the levels you need to complete to make your MDM a success? Amplifi can help... before we get started you need to find out where you are on your MDM journey, and discover what steps you need to take before tackling a full-blown MDM implementation.

Watch our expert panel discuss the key stages of MDM selection

Amplifi's very own Consulting Directors, Stuart Squires and Dan Fisher, discuss all things MDM in this series of videos with 'The Data Whisperer', Scott Taylor. Watch below to see these MDM experts breakdown each stage of the process, and what steps your business should be taking in your MDM journey.

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Video: Are you (and your data) ready for MDM?

Have you considered if you're ready to invest in MDM technology? How to make sure your data quality and governance is good and your people are ready.

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Video: Getting buy in from the business

To get buy in from across the business you need to understand "why" your data needs better management, not just "how".

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Video: Creating an RFP

Don't just download an RFP template. Make sure you carefully consider your unique requirements to find the best possible solution.

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Overcoming your MDM challenges

Amplifi offer MDM services at every step of the journey, to facilitate MDM solutions that drive business goals, not just an isolated data agenda. We have a wealth of experience advising clients in virtually every sector on the best MDM solution for their goals, and a range of partnerships with leading technology vendors, including those below.

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Amplifi are here to help!

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Whatever level you’re at on your MDM journey, picking Amplifi as your Player 2 will enable you to get the best impact from your MDM strategy... fill in the form to the right and one of our data experts be in touch!