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How can Data Governance help you trust your data?

Data is critical to the decisions businesses make. If you don’t trust your data, you can’t make decisions using it.

With the right data governance strategy, you can be confident that your data is being managed to the high standard that you need to make good decisions and drive data-led initiatives successfully.

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Why do you need good Data Governance?

Data governance is the set of rules and processes that govern the way data is inputted, manipulated and used within your business. If your business relies on good quality data, you need the right data governance framework to make sure that data is clean, consistent and reliable. Most businesses find that a data governance solution transforms the short and long-term running of their business in many ways.

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Improved Business Outcomes

A data governance framework will deliver you high quality, well managed and specially collated data, helping you gain valuable insights and make smart business decisions.

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Improved Compliance

Many industries require you to comply to certain rules and regulations. A well designed data governance solution will provide the processes and controls to ensure individuals can work with data that is compliant.

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Improved Operations

Data governance provides the tools for people to own and manage data effectively, leading to smoother business operations and faster time to value.

“Amplifi helped align our business goals to a bespoke data governance framework that continually helps us realise our data vision and supports us in our journey to become a data centric organisation."


Jenny Bicket

Senior Data Governance & Strategy Lead at Troy UK

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Looking for some top Data Governance tips?

Download our guide today.

Whether you're deep into a Data Governance initiative or you're just getting started, our guide will give you 5 practical tips you can use to get value from your data.

Amplifi's practical approach

This isn't just theory. We've taken data governance a step further to create an end-to-end solution to help businesses govern their data effectively.

Our process gets everyone speaking the same data language and working towards the same data goals. We help you to outline the rules and processes you need, educate your teams on how to manage data properly and learn how to measure your results.

We can provide a single solution to manage and link all aspects of your metadata for easier management, reporting and measurement. This allows you to create, edit and view data governance artefacts, from business rules to data glossaries.

The result is a fully tailored governance solution that’s easy, cost effective and scalable. With clearly defined practical steps and a platform to manage and measure them, it makes Data Governance simple to roll out across your business.

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Amplifi can help to…

Outline principles, policies and rules in one place to keep everyone on the same page
Create tailored dashboards for viewing governance data, work lists, workflows
Compile a business glossary that gets everyone speaking the same data language
Tag the right teams for seamless communication and collaboration
Track workflows to make sure expectations are being met
Create progress reports to share with leadership teams and enable necessary changes
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