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If you have data challenges, you need data experts

Lots of companies claim to be data experts in their sales pitch, but can't back it up. Amplifi is a true data consultancy that helps companies like yours unlock the exponential value of data. Want to find out how? Get in touch today and let us know the data challenges you need solving.

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Why choose Amplifi?

We are the leading specialist data management consultancy that delivers advisory, delivery and support services for initiatives such as data quality, data governance, data integration and MDM/PIM solution design and implementation.

We don’t just focus on technology; we recognise the vital role that the people and processes within organisations can have on successful data management.

What can we offer?

Whatever stage of your data management journey you're on, we can support you.


Strategy & Advisory

We work with our clients to understand their business vision and objectives, allowing us to create a data strategy and roadmap that complements their goals.

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Consultancy & Delivery

Our consultancy and delivery services get to the heart of your data needs, designing and implementing solutions.

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Support &

Data initiatives are sometime seen as on-off projects, but in fact they are an ongoing operation that needs to be embedded in everyday operations, and also evolve with your changing business.

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How do we work?

The building blocks of Master Data Management

Successful data management should align with Gartner’s seven building blocks of successful master data management. Our data consultancy services don’t just focus on technical delivery, but on the people and processes that make it work. Every Amplifi project incorporates:

Vision – what you want to achieve with your data
Strategy – how you are going to get there
Governance – the way that people, processes and systems interact with your data
Organisation – how your data strategy will be managed, supported and maintained
Process – the business processes
Performance metrics – measuring your MDM initiative’s success
Technology – choosing the software and systems that are right for your business needs
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Amplifi's eighth building block: data

Data management is nothing without good quality, relevant data to fuel it

At Amplifi, we believe that data is the eighth building block to successful data management – and our data services give clients full confidence in the data at their disposal.

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