Our work with Boden

Boden is a British clothing brand for those who embrace life with a sense of fun. The British online retailer, which launched in 1991 as a catalogue retailer, is now a multi-channel retailer, selling stylish womenswear, menswear and children’s ranges with distinctive design details.ƒ


Boden were embarking on a digital transformation journey, seeking to redesign the digital journey for customers, comprising a new web platform, intelligent search capability and new ways of working internally. Boden’s existing PIM solution was no longer able to support these future business objectives.

We worked with Boden to identify key priorities of a replacement solution:

Support the organisational objectives of becoming market structured, and customer focused.

Put increased ownership of data and its definitions and structure into the hands of Boden employees.

Improve the frequency and time to market of Boden's product ranges via their various sales channels.


To underpin the planned changes, Boden required a PIM solution to consolidate and distribute Product data as required to downstream channels. Crucially, it also would need to be built on a data model to meet the objectives of future project phases.

Using the capabilities of their chosen technology, Riversand MDM Center, we designed a data model allowing Boden to manage their data separately by Market; a first step towards a more curated and personalised customer experience by region.

We introduced additional features including tagging for enhanced product enrichment, and the ability to capture data with seasonal variations. By bringing web hierarchy maintenance into PIM, users will be able to define its structure and mappings, all of which will help streamline painful existing processes.

We worked with Boden to establish business rules to reduce data quality errors by flagging non-compliant products on creation, but with minimum delay to the overall product launch process. Ultimately this will make it possible to get products to market quicker, without compromising data completeness.